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Best Affordable Botox in Encino

Botox | New Look Skin Center Medical Spa in Glendale, Encino and Irvine, CA

When it comes to Botox..You have to do your due diligence. You can’t price shop when it comes to your face. The best botox in Encino is who you trust. We are a top-rated medical spa with over 17 years of experience. However, when it comes to aesthetics you have to feel comfortable with who is injecting you.

Benefits of Botox Treatments

Botox can help smoothen forehead wrinkles, frown lines, crow’s feet, nasal squint lines, and lines around the neck. Botox can also be used to treat excessive sweating in areas such as the underarms. When treatments in any of these aforementioned areas are performed by experts like the staff at New Look Skin Center. You’ll get a natural-looking result that elevates your beauty.

How Much Is Botox?

Primarily, it boils down to the cost-per-unit.

On average, Botox costs around $11 to $25 per unit. With this, the defining factor for the actual cost of your treatment is the number of required units. The more units you need, the higher the price will be.

The following are the average Botox pricing based on a $11 per unit range:

1. Forehead wrinkles

Reducing forehead wrinkles is the most common target of Botox treatments. Depending on the extent of your fine lines, you will need 10 to 30 units. Per appointment, this will charge you $100 to $300.

2. Lip flip

Botox lip flip is done to make the lips appear fuller without using fillers. This uses up to 4 units, which will cost around $44, aside from succeeding touch-ups.

3. Brow lift

Referred to as a “forehead lift,” this procedure aims to enhance the aesthetics of the eye area while reducing forehead wrinkles and lines. Typically, approximately 4 to 6 units of Botox are required for this treatment. The cost per session generally ranges from $44 to $70.

4. Crow’s feet Botox

The fine lines around the eyes, also called “smile lines”. To reduce appearance, 4 to 12 Botox units are needed at a minimum. This will cost $44 to $135 per appointment.

5. Underarm Botox

This procedure is commonly performed to address symptoms of excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis. The treatment typically involves the use of 50 units per underarm, with each appointment costing approximately $550

6. Neck lift

A procedure is performed to define the jawline and lift the corners of the mouth. On average, this treatment utilizes 25 to 50 units. At a rate of $11 per unit, the cost for each session would amount to approximately $275 to $550.

How to Get Affordable Botox treatments

If you’re looking for the best affordable Botox in Encino. New look Skin Center is the place to go. We have 17+ years of experience in aesthetic nursing using industry-standard Botox.ncino

Our Botox is only $11 per unit– the lowest price you can find in the area.

All our Botox treatments are provided by our board-certified nurse. You’re in good hands in achieving your beauty goals.

Final Thoughts

If you start to notice wrinkles and fine lines and it’s affecting your self-image, Botox is a wonderful choice. Although the treatment is simple and easy, the results are truly incredible. Especially when  done by Botox specialists like our team at New Look Skin Center. We’ll make the process simple, easy, and comfortable, and help you achieve exactly the aesthetic you desire. If you’re looking for Botox treatments in Encino. You can download our NLSC APP, use our online booking or call 818.662.5005

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