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Clear & Brilliant | New Look Skin Center Medical Spa in Glendale, Encino and Irvine, CA

Is your skin looking a bit old and dull? Are you looking for a way to refresh it and even make it look younger and more beautiful? Clear & Brilliant may be the answer for you!

What is Clear + Brilliant?

Clear + Brilliant uses fractional lasers to refresh the deep layers of your skin, which makes the skin look better as a whole. The laser energy removes damaged skin cells and encourages new tissue to grow. It can help to reduce fine lines, boost production of collagen (which helps skin to look young and smooth), and can minimize the appearance of large pores. It can also be used to correct discolorations on the skin.

What are the benefits of Clear + Brilliant?

A Clear + Brilliant treatment can be done in your doctor’s office. The entire procedure, including the consultation, typically takes only about an hour. However, you may need 4 to 6 treatments before you start to see an improvement – many patients opt for Clear + Brilliant as part of their routine skincare. It can also be used with other procedures, such as fillers. The experts at New Look Skin Center can personalize a skincare treatment that is right for you that includes Clear + Brilliant.

There is no pain during the Clear + Brilliant treatment. Most patients report, at most, a prickly feeling and a feeling of warmth. Afterwards there may be some swelling and redness, but this should go away within a few hours. There is no downtime with this treatment, and you can get back to your usual routine as soon as you leave the doctor’s office. And, Clear + Brilliant works well with all skin types.

You’ll start to notice that your skin looks brighter, healthier, and more toned, and feels softer. Some patients even say that it is easier to apply makeup. These results can last as long as 3 months.

Clear + Brilliant has so many benefits – but the most important one is that you’ll love how young and fresh your skin looks. Contact New Look Skin Center for more information on Clear + Brilliant. Call (818) 662-5005 today!

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