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Is Your Summer Body Ready?

Women with a cap in summer Days | Look Skin Center Medical Spa in Glendale, Encino and Irvine, CA

Summer is here and if you live in Southern California, looking your best is a healthy objective, and with lots of healthy options available plus a little help by technology your goals are attainable. We all try to shed the weight we gained during the colder months and get in shape for that beach body. However, when slow metabolism, a busy schedule and other factors make it difficult to achieve your ideal look, New Look Skin Center has a few solutions to help you get there. Here are a few advanced techniques available at our multiple Southern California locations.


We use a special method of controlled cooling (within the temperature range of +5 to -11 °C), and a non invasive body contouring treatment that reduces fat cell volume by freezing them. It helps reshape and contours of the body. It is a safe and effective procedure with low possibilities of complications. This medical procedure, also known as cryolipolysis, is a nonsurgical alternative to liposuction. You can reshape your body with the help of a customized plan fit to your goals and deadlines, and our skilled staff will help you make it happen. To find out more about cool sculpting and see if you are a good candidate click here.

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This multi-purpose skin treatment can boost collagen, reduce the harshness and visibility of scars, treat acne, and promote hair growth. It is a minimally invasive solution and nowadays more popular than ever. Like the name suggests, the process using very tiny needles punctures quick and holes in order to rejuvenate the skin. It does not feel as painful as it sounds, but rather feel like quick dabs of pins. The results often surprise most of our patients as they notice a vibrant skin in just two weeks. The more treatment has proven more collagen growth and a healthier looking skin. The treatment also helps activate hair follicles and result in hair growth. Like most procedures, you must discuss the amount and frequency of this treatment with a professional. Microneedling is one of the popular skin treatments requested by patients visiting New Look Skin Center. We will happily schedule your first appointment after all your questions and concerns have been addressed.

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Derma & ViPeel

Derma Peel can be used on many skin types and the whole procedure takes 15-30 minutes to complete. In one week your skin looks and feels rejuvenated and healthy. The painless chemical peel (ViPeel) is another quick and pain free experience with great results. There is no downtime and your skin will look radiant and amazing, but it will take more than two weeks. Please make sure you talk to one of our professionals to get the details about this treatment. It has been picked by many patients to address anti-aging, reversing sun damage, pigmentation and acne. No wonder it is one of the most preferred treatments by Hollywood celebrities.

Other skin rejuvenation and wrinkle reduction solutions are also available to our patients. eTwo’s e-Matrix and Sublime facial skin tightening procedures are revolutionary advancements in skin therapy. By stimulating the growth of new collagen through applying heat energy to the upper layers of the dermis while treating the deeper derma layers, a healthier looking skin emerges. As the production of collagen and elastin increase, your skin finds a natural glow and color.

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At New Look Skin Center we specialize in helping you get the body and healthy look and shape you always desired. Call us now to book a consultation and lets start your journey to beauty and wellness.

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