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Laser Hair Removal Pasadena

laser hair removal Look Skin Center Medical Spa in Glendale, Encino and Irvine, CA

Background on Laser Hair Removal in Pasadena, CA

In our last post titled “Laser Hair Removal Tarzana” we provided some important background information regarding laser hair removal in general and how laser hair removal works overall. Therefore, we will forgo covering the basics once more. Instead we will jump right in to the demographic statistics of Pasadena. We will present the numbers for Pasadena demographics and thereafter, our own statistics and studies with respect to laser hair removal in Pasadena at New Look Skin Center.

Pasadena Demographic Statistics

Our goal with this post is to help you learn about the raw facts about Pasadena laser hair removal. Future articles will focus on data regarding laser hair removal in Arcadia, San Marino, Altadena, Monrovia, Alhambra and other San Gabriel communities.

For the purposes of this post, we present a quick study of the Pasadena city population from the 2010 US Census. According to the US census the city of Pasadena has a population of 137,188 and an estimated 55.8% of the population in Pasadena is white, 33.7% Hispanic or Latino, 10.7% African American, 38.8% non-Hispanic white and 14.3% Asian.

According to, females accounted for 51.2% of the population, while males accounted for 48.8%. Furthermore, estimated median household income for 2011 was $72,265; considered to be a high figure when compared to overall household median income totals for California.

Laser Hair Removal Statistics

Now let’s study some overall US figures for laser hair removal, which we presented in our previous post. The below information is gathered from the “2012 Plastic Surgery Statistics Report” prepared by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons

– 1.1 million laser hair removal procedures were done in the United States

– Of the 1.1 million treatments for laser hair removal, 924,000 were done by women

– The national average fee for laser hair removal treatments has been $329

As you will recall from our previous post; based on the 2010 US census the estimated US population at is 308 million. With an estimated 1.1 million laser hair removal procedures completed in 2012 in the US, the laser hair removal procedure to population ratio is 0.35% or one laser hair removal procedure was performed for every 280 residents in the US.

Laser Hair Removal Pasadena Statistics

Based on our own in-house data, and exclusive only to laser hair removal treatments performed by New Look Skin Center, residents of Pasadena greatly surpass the laser hair removal to population ration figures observed in the national statistics.

In 2012 New Look Skin Center has provided one laser hair removal treatment for every 68 residents in Pasadena. This translates in to a procedure to population ratio of 1.5% based on 2010 Pasadena US census figures – and that’s just the procedures done by New Look Skin Center! Compare this study to the national procedure to population ratio described above!

Furthermore, New Look Skin Center has provided laser hair removal treatments to nearly 1% of the entire population of Pasadena.

Now let’s recall some market share figures from our previous post… As we reported above, 1.1 million laser hair removal procedures have been performed in 2012. New Look Skin Center has performed 85,000 of those procedures! That means that New Look Skin Center has performed 7.7% of all laser hair removal procedures in the entire country!

For a medical spa with only two locations (albeit quite large locations) in one county in Southern California to hold such a pig piece of the entire national market share is quite an impressive accomplishment.

What contributes to our success you ask?

We’ll answer that question by simply presenting the fact. New Look Skin Center was established in 2007. From day one (and until today) we set out to provide the highest quality service, by top level registered nurses and licensed medical personnel, at rock bottom prices. Speaking of prices, recall the national average fee for laser hair removal procedures… it was $329. The average fee for laser hair removal treatments for women and men and for all body areas at New Look Skin Center is $38! In other words New Look Skin Center’s laser hair removal prices are about 88% less than the national average.

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