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Laser Tattoo Removing is a Big Market!

Tattoo Removal | New Look Skin Center Medical Spa in Glendale, Encino and Irvine, CA

Laser tattoo removing is a big market, to actually put it in numbers, a $13 billion market!!!!There a more than 36 million Americans with tattoos of which 7 million consider removing it.  Whether it was a drunken night in Vegas, the name of an old partner, or just a change of heart, tattoo removal is faster and more successful than ever before.  Number of factors contributes to the successful removal of tattoo: age of the tattoo color, density of the tattoo ink, location of the tattoo, and the device used.

Here, at New Look (NL) we use state of the art PicoWay by Candela to effectively and efficiently remove tattoos.  Typically  blue, black and red inks are easier to remove, while green, purple, pink, orange and yellow inks are more challenging. White tattoos and make up tattoos cannot be removed at all.  New tattoos take longer to remove while older ones that the pigments are fading are easier to remove.  Tattoos on lighter skin are easier to remove.  Tattoos on bony parts like the feet, lower legs, or hands require more treatments than tattoos in areas like the chest , back or stomach.

A non-professional tattoo may not respond to treatment as good as professional tattoos. This is because it was probably placed at the wrong level in the skin where it may not be responsive to the laser light.  We encourage anyone who is interested to book a consultation with us.  Our staff is ready to take the time and answer all your questions and concerns.

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