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Post Care Laser treatment

laser-treatment | New Look Skin Center Medical Spa in Glendale, Encino and Irvine, CA

Lasers are just one more tool that doctors have at their disposal nowadays, and they can do so many things. They can be used for medical treatments, such as in treating cancer, removing kidney stones, and even for correcting vision. However, they are also used in a variety of cosmetic procedures as well. Read on for the amazing things that lasers can do, and tips for post care laser treatment.

What cosmetic procedures are lasers used for?

Lasers can be used for hair removal, to remove unsightly varicose and spider veins, and even to remove tattoos. They can even be used to help rejuvenate skin, by getting rid of the old, dull and damaged top skin layer. Lasers can stimulate new collagen to grow, which gives skin a whole new and refreshed look.

The benefits of laser treatments

Patients love laser treatments because they are noninvasive, safe, and effective. There is very little downtime after a laser treatment, and treatments don’t take very long (although you may need more than one treatment to see results). Most patients report very little pain, if any, during and after the procedure.

Take care of your skin after a laser treatment

After a laser treatment, your skin will be a bit sensitive and easily irritated. You should stay out of the sun after a treatment – make sure you follow your doctor’s instructions – and when you do go out into the sun again, make sure you wear lots of sunscreen and clothing that protects your skin. You should use aloe vera gel on the treated area, which can help your skin to heal and reduce any inflammation. It can also help to keep skin moisturized. Don’t wash your face with any acid-based, exfoliating, or harsh cleansers that may irritate your skin. Your doctor can tell you when it is safe to use such products again.

Lasers can do so many things to help keep us healthy and beautiful – but you want to make sure you pamper your skin a bit just after a laser treatment. Contact New Look Skin Center for a laser treatment today. Call (818) 662-5005 for an appointment!

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